Continuous Audit Data Reconciliation Tool

YoungBlood Consultants, a Microsoft Gold  Partner, is a data company dedicated to the application of technological excellence throughout the data supply/value chain. 


  • Database management

  • Business intelligence

  • Yeti-Remote data capture and dashboarding

  • IOT - (Internet of Things) Monitoring platform

  • Bespoke business solutions which include the Continuous Audit Reconciliation Tool

Value Proposition:

  • Gathers all the data needed for audit or process monitoring

  • Reconciles all data to source which guarantees data integrity

  • Consolidates disparate data sources.

  • Reduces work load so that time can be invested in more proactive ways for the client.

  • Eliminates faults by automating the data reconciliation process

  • Allows for great flexibility in configuration and integrates with a variety of tools including Caseware, Excel etc.

  • Creates Annuity Revenue opportunities

Key Differentiators:

  • Intuitive and Process-Driven

  • Locally developed and supported gives quick turnaround and enhancements

  • Flexible and configurable for different approaches and clients

  • Reduces dependency on data technologists

  • Integrates line of business data with financial data from multiple platforms


  • Obscure data with Complex Data Diagrams

  • Fragmented data- multiple sources

  • Inconsistent data- with poor data integrity

  • Low Reusability of process

  • Poor structures such as Excel 

Youngblood Solution:

The Youngblood Audit Recon Tool Automates and makes more efficient these processes:

  • Finds the data

  • Collects the Data

  • Makes sure data is right

  • Makes the data accessible


The Youngblood Audit Recon Tool Creates an environment that:

  • Available, consistent structured data

  • Manageable, regular work schedules

  • Better margins

  • Annuity-based Income

  • No more Key Man dependencies