Youngblood provides a range of data-focussed tools and services that enable the collection, storage and management of data for any medium to large organisation.

  • Cadence – Enterprise data collection and audit reconciliation

  • FICA – automation of personal identity data collection and verification

  • Database management for Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres and MySql

  • Data architecture

  • IOT (Internet of Things) remote industrial monitoring and management

Youngblood was born of the desire of two dynamic individuals to bring a new openness and integrity to bear on IT challenges, and to create a partnering relationship with clients that delivers real benefit in a cliché-ridden industry. The company’s dedication to technical excellence and absolute transparency has stood it in good stead for more than fourteen years, delighting its clients and constantly innovating.


Cadence – enterprise data collection

Deploy an automated, configurable data integration tool. Liberate yourselves from tedious data collection from multiple sources. Work within a secure, auditable and flexible data governance framework. Excellent stability, productivity and compliance.

Cadence – Audit reconciliation

Ensure integrity of audit data and reduce audit costs to a minimum. Solve issues as they arise during the year, and free staff from the six-monthly ordeal. Automate manual activities up to first pass income statement and balance sheet.


Enrich your client’s data from the most up to date sources available. Manage client contact and automate data collection and routing back to your own systems

Database management

Solve performance, growth and integration problems invisibly. Sleep soundly, knowing your databases are fast, secure and complete. Freedom from tedious database software housekeeping and optimisation

Data architecture

Know where your data comes from , how it flows, where it is stored, and how it supports business activities, administration and analytics. Get a clear roadmap showing stepwise evolution of your data infrastructure that imposes order and compliance on complexity


Collect data from any sensor or control system source, anywhere and any time. Get timely alerts when limits are exceeded, and manage your equipment and installations through efficient and simple dashboards